About Us

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The Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia Legal Clinic (hereinafter referred to as PUC Legal Clinic or PUCLC), established in October 2003 under Faculty of Law and Public Affairs, is the first legal clinic based at university in Cambodia, which was an achievement of collaborative effort between Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (PUC) and Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI). Since 2010, it is a self-sustain legal clinic in Cambodia with budget for expenses come from the university, PUC.


The PUC Legal Clinic’s long-term vision is to help develop, enrich, and sustain legal ethical legal awareness, knowledge, and practice throughout Cambodia where such actions will help guarantee fair and equal access to justice and rights protection to all members of society.


  1. Clinic seek to provide a structured educational opportunity for students to observe or experience actual or simulated client representation, which will allow them to learn and apply knowledge, skills, and values from that experience.
  2. Clinic aim to provide an important supplement for the provision of needed legal services to persons who would otherwise not have access to these services.
  3. Clinic tries to develop in students an ethic of public service and social justice and to build a base for the creation of a responsible legal profession.
  4. Clinical professors make important contributions to the development of scholarship on skills and theories of legal practice that can provide closer links between the Legal Community and the Universities.
  5. The use of interactive and reflective teaching methods inspires students to perform and engage with the law in ways that lectures or readings often cannot. This reflective learning, moreover, has been shown to be one of the most effective means of having adults learn.
  6. Clinic aims to  empower communities, whereby the students apply their legal knowledge, critical thinking and analytical legal skills to other members of the community, specifically including marginalized person, so these members will understand better the meaning of rule of law, their rights and privileges, and how to access and protect these rights and privileges within the society.
  7. Clinics seek to strengthen civil society itself, through developing lawyersprofessional responsibility and through provision of much-needed legal services to build and protect underserved and socially vulnerable populations.

The Programs

PUCLC’s program are valuable and exciting legal and educational courses. They provide important legal and civic knowledge and developing skills in the participating students and community members. Students aid in access to justice through interning with licensed attorneys as well as teaching to community members in an interactive and innovative method, which makes law practical, accessible and engaging.

The main program of PUCLC is Community Legal Education Program (CLEP) while the others are periodically education opportunities in the form of Legal Competitions. Upon successful completion of CLEP, PUC students receive academic credits.




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