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Right to Die? ECHR vs. Korea Supreme Court

Is there a Right to Life? Yes. Is there a Right to Die? May be…

One can claim a right to life because it is inalienable and it has strong legal references, both international and national ones. But a “Right to Die” or its similar issue, “Euthanasia, Assisted Dying, or Mercy Killing” still remain a controversial matter.

This post doesn’t attempt to give any comparative analysis of European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)’s ruling and that of Korean Supreme Court. It rather provides links to the news and court-case materials. ECHR and Korean Supreme Court has their own perspectives on the issue of Right to Die. The former squashed and the latter upheld the right to die. Hereunder are the links:

I. News and General

1. European Right to Die Judgement, BBC

2. British Women Denied Right to Die, BBC

3. South Korean Hosptial Enforces “Rights to Die” Ruling, Channel News Asia

4. Ethical Issue: Euthanesia, BBC

II. Cases:

1. Pretty vs. UK, 2346/02ECHR (Summary Judgement); Full Judgement

2. The  Case in the Korean Court is not yet available, visit in the future

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