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First Class for 10th Batch CLEP

After screening of students’ applications, 14 students are selected to Community Legal Education Program, 10th batch. The first class meeting will be on October 6, 2009 at 11:30AM-1PM at room Angkor Chey, PUC South Campus, 3rd floor. PUC Legal Clinic would like to congratulate those who are accepted into the program and urge the others who are not accepted to pursuit again in the future, probably in May 2010.

1. Mr. CHHEM Sovando, International Relations

2. Mr. CHHUT Da, Finance and Banking

3. Ven. CHOR Pisethvicheyanandh, LL.B. (Law)

4. Mr. HOUR Thanit, International Relations

5. Mr. KAO Chamnap, LL.B.

6. Ms. LENG Sreyneth, LL.B.

7. Ms. LIM Chhivly, LL.B.

8. Ven. LONG Saroeun, BA

9. Ven. RIN Ratana, BIS

10. Ms. SENG Keoliny, BA

11. Mr. SUN Sothsopheap, BA

12. Mr. TAN Chhay Rath, LL.B.

13. Ms. TANG Sokcheng, BA

14. Mr. VO Vanarith, LL.B.


7th Certificate Commencement for HSS

Pchum Ben Days (18-20 September 2009) has gone and 7th Certificate Commencement Ceremony for High School Students is up next. This ceremony is always celebrated after 16 weekend of legal education classes taught by Community Legal Education Program students to high school students. This year ceremony is going to be held on September 27, 2009 at Srey Dim Conference Hall (click here for agenda). All PUC Legal Clinic students are warmly welcomed to join the event.

This year celebration will be the second time that PUC Legal Clinic has successfully recruited the highest number of high school students for its weekend legal education classes. This time, the students are also diverse . There were high school students from 18 high schools (25 high schools in Phnom Penh). As a result of the training, 135 high school students has successfully completed the program, 34 of whom completed with “A” grade.

New Application for 10th Batch of CLEP

Now application to one of PUC Legal Clinic Programs, Community Legal Education Program (CLEP), is OPEN TO ALL LAW AND NON-LAW STUDENTS OF BOTH BACHERLOR AND MASTER DEGREE.  Read more. You can download Application Form here, too.

to one of PUC Legal Clinic programs, Community Legal Education Program (CLEP), is OPEN TO ALL LAW & NON-LAW UNDERGRADUATE AND GRATUATE STUDENTS
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